12 / 18 / 2013
Our latest update features a Bikini Contest held during one of the Biker events in 2009 at Daytona. Held just outside the track on the " Midway " this bikini contest was put on by Hooters and had nearly a dozen beautiful contestants. While this was a contest it was similar to a fashion show as all the girls had very nice makeup, wore the right heels and had similar swimsuits which were a bit on the conservative side ( no thongs allowed ). While it made for a very entertaining contest, I can't help but think how much hotter these girls would've looked in thongs, microkinis and sling shots. This gallery has almost 600 pictures given to us from the fine folks at WildBikiniContests.com
12 / 3 / 2013
After sitting out almost an entire year, Travis Pastrana surprised Supercross fans by announcing he would return to racing at the legendary Daytona Supercross just a week before the event in 2004. I was there with my video camera and captured the action as Travis came back with a vengeance in his heat battle with Kevin Windham and showed Supercross fans why he deserved to be there. Except for a quick glimpse of Paul Teutul, Sr. from Orange County Choppers and a hottie in the stands this video is focused on Travis and follows him around each lap until the surprising finish.
11 / 18 / 2013
We got such a great response from this video we decided to add it to the Biker Event Photography tour. This members version is uncensored and shows just what one might see at a motorcycle event in Daytona. Wild rides like the jet trike and beautiful girls like the one in the pink outfit and matching cowboy hat are just a sample of the sights and sounds I see every time I go. Most of the videos are edited with the natural sound so you can hear the rumble of the car and motorcycle engines. This particular one has been put to music for an entertaining video that sums up Bike Week in 5 minutes.
11 / 5 / 2013
For this update I've added the second half of the pictures for the 2005 Biketoberfest to complete that section. It was a great year and the pictures will show just how wild, crazy and beautiful the motorcycles and people are that attend these events.
10 / 22 / 2013
This video is my first attempt at shooting HD video using a DSLR. It captures the afternoon practice and highlights of the evening races. The quality is very good for my first try and will get even better as I become more familiar with the equipment. The video shows just how hard these guys ride and how high they can fly on the track.
10 / 7 / 2013
This update is a video of a small custom bike show that was held just outside the front of the Daytona Beach Convention Center. While there wasn't that many bikes the quality was awesome and the video takes you on a walk between them for a closer look.
9 / 23 / 2013
This update features a big gallery of pictures taken at the 2013 Daytona Supercross during the first weekend of Bike Week. Even though I got there early in the afternoon for practice it was already crowded and the action was nonstop all the way to the feature moto. With access right down by the edge of the track it was easy to get some great shots as the galleries will show. I can't wait for 2014!