This website is all about documenting events centered around Motorcycles and the people that love to ride them. When it comes to Biker Events Daytona's Bike Week has to be one of the biggest and certainly the most famous. Every year in late February a few hundred thousand motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the world travel to Daytona for ten days of wild and crazy action plus some world class racing at the International Speedway. Add to that the chance of some perfect weather and a beach to enjoy it on and there is no wonder why Daytona is the ultimate destination. For those that missed Bike Week or can't wait for a whole year to pass there is Biketoberfest in October which is just as fun.

I've been attending Bike Week for at least fifteen years as a photographer and every year I've gained a greater appreciation for motorcycles and the people that build and ride them. The degree of creativity and ingenuity is amazing. The design and colors are what captures a photographer's eye but the positive attitude of all those that attend is what makes the Biker Events such a pleasure to photograph. Of all the events I photograph, Bike Week and Biketoberfest has the friendliest people and I always look forward to the next event. Once I went digital I got more serious with the pictures and realized I was amassing quite an extrodanary collection of pictures and video. Putting them on a website for others to see was the next logical step and this Biker Event Photography website was the result.

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