A brand new feature here at Biker Event Photography is our Model section. Over the years I've had the opportunity to photograph some very beautiful and successful models and will be adding my favorite pictures and videos from our photo sessions to the feature model gallery in the members area. Many of the models are motorcycle enthusiasts and either owned their own bike or loved to ride on back. The model in the black hat above used to own a white and pink Harley. The two in sunglasses never turned down an offer to ride on back and who wouldn't want them pressed tightly up against your back.

The girl in the white shorts lived in Daytona and could often be seen cruising around on her custom chopper. Our first model is Miss March 1991 Julie Clarke. This sky diving Playboy Playmate has the need for speed and last time I checked she was on her way to getting the Sport Bike she's been dreaming of. We have an awesome portfolio containing some of her best work and if that's not enough you can always check out her official site over at Julie-Clarke.com and see it all. We are thrilled to have her as our feature model.

While we have portfolios from several model photo sessions ready to use in future updates we are always looking for new discoveries to add to the mix. If you would like to know more about becoming a feature model or know someone that would make a great model, please send an email to Model Inquiry@BikerEventPhotography.com for details.